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How does red light therapy work?

Certain wavelengths of light target and charge our cellular batteries.  These are responsible for well-being and energy.  Let’s explore how they do it.

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The average European spends 90% of their time indoors.  Historically, humans had different levels of exposure to the natural environment.  We were much more engaged with the sun, water, air, and earth.

Cellular energy called ATP drives all chemical processes in the body.  If you’re low on ATP, you feel exhausted and dejected.  Higher levels of ATP drive the process in a different direction: happy and healthy.  An understandable balance, but how do we manage it ?

The Mitochondria are the biological batteries in the human cells.  Red and near-infrared light recharges them, such as from the sun or MITO LIGHT® devices.  Our panels generate the therapeutic effect of these wavelengths, as confirmed by more than 5,000 scientific studies.  You can find some examples HERE.


Discovered by NASA

In 1993, a company Quantum Devices developed a light-emitting diode (LED) for NASA to use in their plant growth experiments.  NASA used red wavelengths of light to try to stimulate plant growth, and found that red light indeed increased plant growth. (R)

An interesting and unexpected byproduct of the experiment was the discovery that scientists who were frequently exposed to intense red light saw rapid healing of their skin lesions. NASA then began to study the use of LEDs to increase human cell metabolism and stop bone and muscle loss in astronauts, and over the years the technology spread to the general population.

Mito Light Partner. Comment ça marche

With MITO LIGHT® red light device you can:

○  Regenerate faster
○  Improve athletic performance
○  Optimise hormones
○  Increase collagen production
○  Reduce inflammation in the body


Exposure to red light also has a positive effect on:

○  Sleep and Circadian Rhythm
○  The musculoskeletal system
○  Mental and cognitive function
○  Eye health
○  Longevity

Explore our explanation of the individual effects of red light therapy here: Science & Effects of Red Light Therapy.

Watch a short video explaining the benefits of photobiomodulation:

Biohacking not only for athletes


If you don’t know what biohacking is, we’re glad you’ve made it this far.  Biohacking is an accessible and opportunistic healthy change to your wellness lifestyle through biology.  Professional athletes, the most advanced fitness centers, and many health clinics have been using red light therapy for years. Biohacking is one of the basic tools everyone can use to optimize their health, appearance, and self-esteem with the help of modern technologies.  A 20-minute session of red light therapy each day will accelerate the performance of anyone with a pulse.

Check out our portfolio of red light devices and choose the one that suits you best:

Let’s dive deeper!  For the real science geeks and enthusiasts, we have prepared an extended reading that will answer all your questions. Let's go for it!

Mitochondria – Cell powerhouses

Mitochondria, which inspired the name of our company, are the cell powerhouses. Countless biochemical reactions take place in them. Through cellular respiration, they produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which serves as energy for other cellular processes.

Red and near-infrared light

The basic mechanism of the MITO LIGHT® red light therapy devices is that they emit exactly the light spectrum that the chromophores in the mitochondria absorb (mainly Cytochrome c oxidase), which makes the mitochondria active and full of energy. The body responds to light absorption by increasing ATP energy production and enhancing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory processes. In practice, this means that the human body is healthy and full of energy.

Red light has a wavelength of 610-700 nm (nanometers) and can penetrate up to 2.5 cm into skin tissue. Near-infrared light has a slightly longer wavelength of 700-1000 nm and can no longer be detected by the human eye. It can penetrate much deeper into the body - into muscles, bones, organs and the brain, making it very useful. Sunlight has the same mechanism, but the MITO LIGHT® red light therapy devices deliver a concentrated dose of specific wavelengths in the red and near-infrared spectrum and do not emit potentially harmful UV radiation, among other things, making red light therapy different in various ways.

Mitochondrial activity is usually limited by nitric oxide, which inhibits cellular respiration by binding to Cytochrome c oxidase and preventing it from using oxygen. Red light causes so-called dissociation or separation of nitric oxide from the Cytochrome, allowing it to resume its energy-producing metabolic function.

The red light therapy device is actually a kind of biohacking tool that substitutes for the real sun. We are not saying that our device can fully replace the sun. One should always be exposed to direct sunlight as it is one of the basic conditions of life. But in any case, the MITO LIGHT® device will recharge your batteries in 20 minutes as if you had spent several hours out in the sun.

Check out the MITO LIGHT® 3.0

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