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MITO LIGHT® at Big Summer Games 2021

In the second half of August, specifically on 20-22 August 2021, one of the biggest fitness events in Czech Republic - Big Summer Games 2021 - took place in České Budějovice. It was a competition inspired by the world CrossFit events, where the best athletes from different categories competed. And as you can probably guess from the name, MITO LIGHT® could not miss such a great event!

The competition field was really packed. There were over 300 competitors across 6 categories. The whole weekend was also full of entertaining side events such as arm wrestling, weightlifting exhibition, a visit from Karlos Vémola, Anabolic Horse public training and more.

Recovery zone for athletes

The athletic performances of all the competitors were really impressive, but also very exhausting. That's why we prepared a recovery light zone in our tent, where the athletes came to regain strength and energy between competitions. In addition, the category winners received various MITO LIGHT® products.

We were also visited by many spectators who could test the power of photobiomodulation literally on their own skin, view all our products and ask us any questions. We were pleased with the great interest of all the competitors and spectators who visited us at the stand and we hope to see you there again next year!

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