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Elegant and functional glasses blocking 100% blue and 60% green light. Thanks to unisex design, they are suitable for almost everyone and you are not afraid to wear them to social events. They can be worn about 2 hours before bedtime to protect the circadian rhythm and improve the quality of sleep.

Blue Blockers Envy

  • Blue Blockers Envy are exclusive glasses that you can wear with pride. They offer a perfect quality finish, elegant unisex design and the most important part - clear orange tinted glass that blocks 100% of blue light and 60% of green light. As a result, glasses block the vast majority of the light spectrum that affects circadian rhythms and melatonin production. At the same time, they let through a small part of the green spectrum, thanks to which you can keep a good spatial orientation.


    The package also includes a high-quality durable protective case, which allows you to carry your goggles safely and keep them with you at all times.

    Package contents: Blue light goggles, protective case


    Blocked wavelengths 380-500 nm Glass color Light orange

    Frame color black, silver Dimensions 52-20-139 mm

    Frame Material LG8056, Metal Glass Material Polycarbonate

    Warranty 2 years

  • Free Delivery in France, Monaco, England and Italy from 99 €

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