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The MITO LIGHT® 3.0 high power bulb is the smallest of our latest generation MITO LIGHT® 3.0. It uses a new light spectrum that consists of a total of 4 wavelengths. It has +50% LEDs compared to the previous generation, and individual LEDs are also more powerful and provide even higher irradiance. The improved construction, new design and compact size make it the ideal tool for effective local light therapy - painful joints, overworked tendons, tense muscles and much more.

MITO LIGHT - Bulb 3.0

  • MITO LIGHT® Bulb 3.0


    It has an increased number of 18 high power LEDs, which now have four wavelengths - 660, 670, 830, 850 nm. Bulb 3.0 therefore has the same unique technology as our 3.0 generation panels.


    Why use four wavelengths ?


    The red and near infrared spectra now consist of a combination of two wavelengths. The first two are the “familiar” 660 nm (red) and 850 nm (near infrared) wavelengths, proven by practice and science, also found in the MITO LIGHT® 2.0 generation. However, we wanted to take effectiveness and efficiency even further, and therefore studied in detail the mechanism of light absorption in mitochondria [R]. Our scientific research has resulted in two new wavelengths with maximum absorption and efficiency - 670 nm (red) and 830 nm (near infrared). We are convinced that this unique combination of four wavelengths brings red light therapy to a level never seen before !


    It is made of the highest quality materials, which makes the bulb 3.0 without flickering, so that the LEDs do not blink during lighting.

    The entire construction has also been completely redesigned and is made of durable metal in matt black.

    The small size is optimal for travel and local therapy of smaller body parts - face, wrist, elbow, knee or even a painful shoulder. For the best possible effect of the therapy, we recommend light for 10 - 20 minutes per day from a distance of about 15 - 50 cm.


    The pack includes a power cable with a bulb wire and a switch. This makes it very easy to use without additional features.

    Another advantage of the bulb is that, thanks to the classic E27 wire, you can screw it into any lamp and use it as an evening light that does not interfere with your circadian rhythm.


    In the Bulb 3.0 package you will find: MITO LIGHT® Bulb 3.0, power cable with switch, user manual


    Rated power 54 W

    Irradiance (Solarmeter) 115 mW/cm2 at 15 cm distance

    Measurement method used by all other brands

    Irradiance (spectrometer) 65 mW/cm2 at 15 cm distance

    More accurate measurement method not used by other brands

    Number of LEDs 18 x 3 W

    Wavelengths 660, 670, 830, 850 nm

    Lens beam 30 degrees

    Energy consumption 17.5 W

    Average consumption cost per hour 0,004 EUR

    AC input voltage 100-240 V

    Frequency 50/60 Hz

    Dimensions 12.1 x 12.1 x 12 cm (h x w x d)

    380 g weight

    Metal, plastic materials

    CE, RoHS certification

    LED service life 50,000 hours

    2 year warranty

  • Free Delivery in France, Monaco, England and Italy from 99 €

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