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Step up your red light therapy game with Expert 4.0. As the golden mean in our line-up, it's perfectly sized to provide bigger coverage without overtaking your space. Equipped with the power of six wavelengths and the top-tier Multi-Wavelength Dual Chip LED technology, Expert 4.0 offers power and precision. With intuitive touchscreen controls, connectivity to the MITO LIGHT App, tailored intensity settings, and wireless connectivity, Expert 4.0 is designed for those who demand excellence in every aspect of their therapy.

MITO LIGHT® Expert 4.0

  • MITO LIGHT® Expert 4.0 - Mastering the Art of Red Light Therapy

    The Expert 4.0 strikes a harmonious balance between size and potency. As a medium-sized panel in our lineup, it delivers great coverage without compromising on your space, making it a preferred choice for those who are looking for premium qualities without the size commitment of larger panels.

    When excellence meets efficiency, the result is Expert 4.0. Whether you're advancing your red light therapy practice or looking for that ideal middle ground, Expert 4.0 is ready to meet your needs.

    Six Effective Wavelengths

    Harness the power of 6 precisely selected wavelengths - 630, 660, 670, 810, 830, 850nm. All in a perfectly balanced ratio. We take pride in being the only brand globally to offer this powerful symphony of light.

    Expanding on the legacy of the 660 nm and 850 nm, Generation 3.0 already brought the dynamic duo of 670 nm and 830 nm, proven for maximum absorption and efficiency. Generation 4.0 doesn't just continue the journey - it sets a new path, introducing the skin-loving 630 nm and the brain-empowering 810 nm. Experience the next horizon in red light therapy.

    Multi-Wavelength Dual Chip LED Technology

    The Expert 4.0 incorporates our pioneering Multi-Wavelength Dual Chip LED technology. Each LED now simultaneously emits both red and near-infrared light, ensuring every inch of your body experiences an evenly distributed dose of all the wavelengths.

    Flicker-Free technology has been our standard feature for many years across all of our red light therapy devices. It's just like the steady light from the sun – no flicker, no pulsing, no stress, just a smooth light experience.

    Intuitive Touch Screen

    The intuitive touch screen introduces a world of customization at your fingertips. Adjust the duration of your therapy session between 1 - 20 minutes, and modulate the intensity of the RED or NIR spectrum from 0% to 100% in smooth 1% increments. Tailor your session with precision, or use the low-intensity setting for circadian-friendly evening illumination.

    Silent Mode

    Tired of the beeping sound while setting the device? Activate the new Silent Mode for a silent operation.

    Wireless Connectivity

    Link multiple devices seamlessly with the WiFi functionality. Create immersive experiences by synchronizing multiple panels, illuminating your body from various angles simultaneously. The interconnected panels are effortlessly controlled by a primary panel, simplifying the process.

    And for our EMF-sensitive users, rest assured: the WiFi feature is entirely optional. You can simply not use it to keep EMF levels at their absolute minimum. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

    Mobile App

    The MITO LIGHT App for iOS and Android brings more than just remote control. Set a Light Alarm Clock, track your device usage for optimized results, and stay tuned for more features that we'll be rolling out in future updates.

    Designed by Perfectionists

    The design of Expert 4.0 is not only about looks but also about precision and functionality. Its sleek, minimalist design, crafted with loving care, radiates modern elegance while ensuring that every element serves its purpose. The newly integrated handle ensures you can move the device with ease, making it as practical as it is stylish. Nothing is out of place. Everything is strategically placed for optimal efficiency.

    With the VESA standard, mounting options have never been so varied, letting you choose the best setup for your space and comfort.

    In the package, you will find: MITO LIGHT® Expert 4.0, Hanging System, Power Cable, Power Connection Cable, Protective Glasses, User Manual

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