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We have a new product that will appeal to all lovers of quality sleep! A black, anatomically shaped sleeping mask we had made for you from soft, breathable material that feels very pleasant on the skin. You also get a FREE bag  to store the mask when you go on a trip.

Sleep Mask Eclipse

  • Are you bored by the streetlights outside your window or the LEDs in the bedroom where you sleep? You don’t have curtains and total darkness is a luxury you can’t afford? Add our sleeping mask to your cart! It is perfect for all those who suffer from insufficient sleep. We also recommend this mask for those who travel a lot and want to enjoy a good night’s sleep on the train, bus or plane.


    The mask is anatomically shaped and therefore does not press around the eyes or nose. You can tighten it around your head as you like with the Velcro closure. We have designed the shape so that the mask does not touch your eyelids directly. The padding around the eyes is also adjustable, so the mask can fit everyone.


    Tip! A quality sleep mask is a great Christmas gift with which you will certainly not be mistaken.

  • Free Delivery in France, Monaco, England and Italy from 99 €

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